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The Timeline for Recovering After a Summer Storm | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

Dramatic night shot of a home with visible roof damage from a recently storm and fallen debris Summer storms affecting your property? Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to restore your space in no time!

We all may think we will have plenty of time to prepare for thunderstorms, thanks to advances in forecasts and weather technology, but it is still possible to be surprised by a popup storm at any time in the summer season. These types of storms can easily cause widespread damage in a short amount of time.

We are most vulnerable to heavy thunderstorms that bring wind and rain, and flash flooding conditions can appear in the blink of an eye around here. Understanding your flood risk and having a plan is always recommended for residents of Alamo Heights.

In addition to your preparations, be sure your safety remains your top priority. Keep your family inside and away from windows and head to your safe shelter location right away to ride out the storm.

When the coast is clear and you are able to head outside to survey the damage, follow these steps for a safe and seamless path to recovery.

Tips for Right After the Storm

Once the storm is gone, remember that it may have just been part of a larger system that is still headed your way. Stay sky-aware and be ready to head back inside at a moment’s notice. Keep your weather radio on and your cell phone handy just in case.

If any household members or loved ones were out and about during the storm, connect with them to make sure they are safe. Cell service may be spotty after a storm, so be patient and send a quick text when you are able.

You should also check on your neighbors if you have any close by. While your home may have only suffered minor damage, your neighbors may have experienced more significant damage or are in danger if something like a tree or big limb fell on their house.

Once everyone has been deemed safe and accounted for, now it is time to survey your home and property for damage. Take pictures of whatever you see and be sure to call SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights right away. We will get started on your restoration process as soon as you call us.

Steps to Follow After

We know that the longer you wait to address any issues, the worse the damage can become. Move about cautiously as you take photos of the damage and secure your home as loose nails, broken windows or damaged walls may make it harder to even dangerous to get around.

Securing your home to prevent further damage is also recommended. We will take care of this for you when we arrive, but laying down tarps or boarding up windows can help you avoid more damage to your fragile possessions in the meantime.

Every storm damage recovery situation is different, but we are trained to handle whatever repairs your specific situation requires. We will even work alongside your insurance company to make the most out of your claim.

Remember, we are here to help for whatever storm damage disaster you find yourself in. The strongest wind or the heaviest rain may wreak havoc on your home, but we are here to make sure that it becomes only a distant memory as quickly as possible.

If a storm leaves your home damaged, contact us for fast recovery. We’re here 247 when you need us.

Protecting Your Home From Rain Damage | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

image of a large body of water during a rain storm with ripples caused by the heavy downpour Water damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Alamo Heights on the case!

We can all appreciate a gentle, soaking rain after a hot and dry summer. Sometimes our plants and lawns really need it! However, not all rain is light or necessary.

Sometimes it can come crashing down in heavy sheets that can quickly create dangerous situations as it continues to fall in unrelenting waves. While we are grateful that our homes and the roofs over our heads are sturdy, sometimes they can’t always keep up and rain can start leaking down our walls.

Our SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights team wants you to stay safe and dry during every rain storm, so follow our tips below to stay prepared.

Hazards of Heavy Rain

If rain starts to fall quickly, it can cause floods all over. We know that living in Flash Flood Alley comes with its own risks, so taking action immediately is important for our safety. Our unique geographic location and proximity to the San Antonio River increases our risk of serious flooding concerns during this time of year.

While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly prepare in advance to prevent significant damages from occurring on your property. Stay tuned in to local weather forecasts and start making plans as soon as a flood watch is issued or a storm comes to town.

Steps to Take for Your Safety

Getting your home ready and preparing your family should always take top priority. If you are out running errands or attending one of your child’s games or events, head for home right away and avoid any low-lying areas or roads that you know are prone to flooding. Bring as many pieces of lawn furniture, yard equipment and children’s toys into your home or garage as possible, and consider tying down anything else you don’t want swept away or flooded in the event the water makes its way to your house.

Move anything fragile or soft off of the first level of your home, and consider shutting off electricity for your lower level just in case water starts to flow in. If this does happen, stay calm and stay out of the water. Wait where you are until the water stops flowing. Only then should you move carefully to exit and call us. Avoid walking through any flood waters when you can.

Steps to Take in the Future

We know that even when you do plan ahead and prepare as best you can, weather and water are unpredictable. You can learn from each damage scenario and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. For example, a professional grading of your yard may help keep your property dry. This reorganization of earth can encourage water to flow down and away.

Another investment you might want to make is in a sump pump. Sump pumps work to pull water away from your foundation and it pumps it back up to a safe location.

Our team is always here after storms or flooding situations! If you do suffer flood damage this season, call SERVPRO for a complete restoration so you can avoid lasting damages and even mold growth.

We are here for all of your water disasters. Contact us day or night for a quick recovery.

Tips for Controlling Your Fall Bonfires | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

campfire-style fire pit with flames emerging from the top of the logs on the dark green grass Bonfire season is upon us! SERVPRO of Alamo Heights has your back with these helpful fire safety tips.

The fall season is approaching quickly, and we aren’t mad about it! We love the changing seasons and the eventual cooldown that we will experience as a result. Plus, fall decorations and pumpkin spice are back in full force. It is also the time of year when many of us enjoy spending more time outdoors because the temperatures aren’t as intense.

That means more outdoor bonfires! Fall bonfires can be a cozy way to enjoy the season, but they can also create dangerous situations if the flames and embers are not respected.

Our SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights team explains more about maintaining your outdoor fires below, so read on so you can enjoy your s’mores and family time without the risk of starting an unwanted blaze.

Starting the Fire Safely

Do find a safe location for your pit. Portable pits should be set up on level, nonflammable ground, and while many permanent pits can’t be easily moved, you can still ensure that brush piles and log piles are safely moved far away.

Do keep a source of water handy. Buckets full of water or a hose that is unraveled and kept close by are both great options to ensure you have a reliable and quick way to extinguish the flames. If you are in an area without easy access to water, have a shovel nearby so you can extinguish your flames with dirt or sand.

Do watch for any changing weather conditions and any new burn bans. Conditions can change by the day, and any especially windy days or dry conditions can increase your risk of starting a wildfire. Check with local authorities before even picking up your matches or lighters.

Tips for Maintaining a Safe Fire

Don’t toss any accelerants on your dying fire. Only use lighters, matches and tinder to keep it going. Gas or lighter fluid are very flammable, but these accelerants are incredibly unpredictable and can start an out-of-control fire in seconds.

Don’t let kids or pets play too close to the fire, and never leave it unattended. A single accident can happen in seconds and can lead to serious injury.

Don’t let the flames get too high. Adding twigs, brush and leaves to your fire can be fun, but letting it get too big makes it harder to control. Keep it small so you can quickly knock down any wandering flames or sparks.

Don’t leave your fire pit to go to bed until it is completely extinguished. Pour your water buckets or use your hose over the flames and logs until everything is out and the logs are cold to the touch. Even one glowing ember can reignite and create a dangerous situation while you sleep.


Wildfires can start in many different ways, but most of them are actually started by humans. This is why it is so important to be responsible with any outdoor fire no matter what time of year it is. Keep the flames small, stay close by and ensure they are extinguished before going inside.

We are always here for you if your home or property is damaged in a fire. Contact us right away for a fast restoration.

Fire can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Contact us day or night for immediate assistance.

Responding to Water Damage in Your Home | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

8/10/2023 (Permalink)

Pool of water sitting on top of a herringbone patterned wood floor with furniture nearby If you discover water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights right away.

Water, water everywhere! All of us are constantly using water in our homes to wash our clothes, feed our families and run warm baths for our children. We rely on the flow of water day in and day out to make sure our household is functioning smoothly.

Since water plays such a critical role in our lives, there is always the risk of experiencing water damage when something goes awry. In addition to water issues caused by household malfunctions, Mother Nature can cause chaos as well. We have had some serious flooding concerns already this year, so staying vigilant is key in the San Antonio area.

Preventing water damage from occurring in the first place is always ideal, but sometimes that is simply not possible. Our SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights team explains more about what to do if you discover water damage at your home below.

Your Initial Reaction

If you come upon standing water or a puddle in your home, the faster you move, the better. Water has the innate ability to leak and seep underneath floorboards and down walls in minutes, and that can lead to significant damage the longer you wait to address the problem.

Locate the source of the leak quickly and turn off the water valve or unplug the malfunctioning machine. If the leak is caused by roof damage or something similar and it is storming outside, you may just have to set out a bucket to catch the water while you wait for the storm to pass.

Remember, standing water always has the potential to be dangerous, so try not to walk through any of the water while you are going about this.

Once the flow of water has been stopped, pick up the phone and call us! We are here 24/7 to respond to calls just like this and we will be ready to help from the moment you reach out.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Once you call us, we will start formulating our recovery plan for your space. We will ask questions, request photographs and have you walk us through the damage. This not only helps us create the right restoration plan for you, it helps us when we navigate the insurance claims process for you as well.

Our team of experts will get to work drying out your space using our industry-leading drying equipment like our air movers and blowers. Getting the water out of every space is crucial, which is why we ensure that your soft materials like couches are chairs are fully dried as well. Once the water is gone, we will sanitize and deodorize the area.

We are trained to handle every aspect of your restoration, no matter what happened in your home. We can tackle everything from minor repairs all the way to entire reconstructions of parts of your house.

Even just an inch of water has the potential to cause widespread issues for your home, so it is always recommended to call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to help with your recovery. Call us and we will be there for you!

Do you have water damage in your home? Call us for fast and complete restoration.

Enjoying Your Backyard BBQ Without Starting a House Fire | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

7/28/2023 (Permalink)

Man holding tongs above grill preparing food outdoors Have you had a barbeque gone wrong? Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to get your space back in shape.

The summer season in the Alamo Heights area is always a sweet one. We love our neighborhood and all of the community events offered during this warm and sunny time of year. In addition, we love to host and have our friends and family out for a backyard BBQ!

Grilling season is at its peak right now, which means that grill fires are also at their peak. Using and manning your grill properly can reduce your risk of starting a fire that spreads to your home or deck, so responsible use of your grill is crucial. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights wants you to enjoy your burgers and hot dogs without worrying about a potential fire, so read on to learn some great grill safety tips.

Setting Up Your Work Area

If you are the self-appointed grillmaster, take your setup location seriously. Your grill needs to be completely outside, and that includes outside of your garage and out from underneath any roof overhangs. If your grill is partially inside or even in your garage with the door open, it can’t vent properly and it can heat up whatever is directly above it to the point of combustion.

It should also be far away from anything flammable like your house siding and wooden deck railing. A good rule is to set up your grill on a level surface at least 10 feet away from anything that could catch on fire. This zone should also be kid-free and pet-free to keep everyone safe.

Next, it’s time to inspect your grill for defects. Both propane and charcoal grills have the potential to dent or crack, so check your specific grill for signs of damage. Ash should be removed from the ashtray of charcoal grills and the vent covers should be checked to ensure they can swing easily. If you have a propane grill, inspect each gas line connection to ensure a tight fit and that there are no leaks. A propane leak is not only a fire risk, it is also a huge safety concern.

Staying Near Your Grilling Food

Now that the grill is hot and you have put on your food, don’t go anywhere! All it takes is a single spark or a grease bubble to pop for a fire to catch and spread while you run inside. Stay close by with a water source ready like a spray bottle or outdoor hoses.

Once your food is done and everyone is digging in, take the extra time to make sure everything is shut down correctly. Close the vents of your charcoal grill and scatter the coals to cut off the oxygen supply and fuel. Propane tanks should be closed and burners turned off as well. Before you go inside for the evening, take one final walk around your grill to make sure everything is off and the drum is cool to the touch.

The summer season is definitely one to remember in Alamo Heights, so we hope you have a great rest of your season with your friends and family. Remember, if your BBQ does turn south and you wind up with home damage, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for a quick restoration.

Don’t let fire damage linger in your home. Call us at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for a fast restoration.

Bracing Your Home for Summer Storms | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

7/19/2023 (Permalink)

Empty parking lot with lots of greenery shown during a heavy downpour of rain. Have you been impacted by the unusual summer storm season? SERVPRO of Alamo Heights has your back when you experience flood and water damage.

The summer season is great here in the San Antonio area for many reasons, but not for severe weather! Severe storms can pop up at any time and can wreak havoc on our community without much forewarning.

We are no strangers to wind, rain, hail, tornadoes and certainly flooding situations in the summer and early fall, so staying prepared for any situation can help you avoid widespread or costly damages.

Are you ready to prepare your home for severe weather? Read on to learn about some easy ways to be ready for the next storm before it is even forecasted.

Preparing Your Yard

If you are diligent about taking care of your yard, you are already halfway there when it comes to storm preparation! Maintaining a clean and tidy yard is one of the best ways to prevent wind, water and impact damages.

Trim your trees regularly and remove debris or fallen branches off of your property promptly, and keep your gutters cleared of leaves. You should also take the time to pick up your yard often and put away toys, lawn equipment and anything else that could be used as a projectile in a storm.

Another place to focus on is your roof! Your roof is vulnerable to water damage if it is not in good condition or is missing shingles. Take the time to repair any damage you see or install fresh shingles if any of yours are missing or broken.

Storm Preparation Purchases

Storm preparation doesn’t usually take much, if any, extra money from your budget in order to be effective. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make some upgrades for an added layer of protection!

Installing storm shutters is one of the best ways to prevent wind and water damage. If your windows can’t break, the wind and water can’t get in and cause chaos inside your home. Is your property lined with trees? Consider buying gutter guards for your gutter system to keep leaves and other yard debris from falling into it.

Lastly, your outbuildings can have bracings installed or roof reinforcements added to help keep them intact when the wind picks up.

Once your home is ready for the weather, stay current on the weekly forecasts and take action as soon as the warnings are issued. If you suffer storm damage, do not worry. The SERVPRO of Alamo Heights restoration team will be there for you whenever you need us.

Was your home damaged in a storm? Call us at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to start restoration, 247.

Getting Your Team Ready for Severe Weather | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

7/14/2023 (Permalink)

Business man holding an umbrella and briefcase with a dark thunderstorm behind him. If your home or business was damaged in a storm, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to get you back in action.

Owning a business means you have a lot going on on any given day. You are busy running day-to-day activities while also looking at the big picture, and you do it all with a smile on your face!

It can also be overwhelming to run your own business because you constantly have to be on the lookout for every scenario and have plans in place to deal with emergencies. Extreme weather is one of those emergencies that, if it isn’t planned for, can wreak havoc on your business and create unsafe conditions for your employees.

Read on as our team explains some easy ways to plan and prepare for severe weather situations at your business.

Understanding the Risk

Assessing weather threats looks different all across the country, and here, we need to be careful of strong winds, tornadoes and flash flooding. We can experience these conditions at any time, but the risk is higher in the spring and summer months. Having a plan in place for each of these situations can help your team stay safe.

Understanding your flood risk for your specific business location can help you take precautionary measures before the water starts to slow. Other methods like understanding local weather alerts and understanding the forecast before each work week can help you prepare for the possibilities.

Communicate With Your Staff

We are all connected in more ways than ever nowadays, so communicating with your team should be a quick way to spread information about potential severe weather situations.

If bad weather is in the forecast, prepare your team ahead of time by sending out your safe shelter location, explaining where supplies are kept, and how to evacuate the building quickly in an emergency.

Evacuating Quickly

Your staff’s safety is the No.1 priority during a severe weather emergency, so knowing how to evacuate quickly is crucial. Call a meeting and explain the different evacuation routes, along with where all of the exits are and where they lead. Label them and make sure the signs are easily visible for all members of your staff.

Staying put may also be the best course of action, depending on the situation. Preparing your safe shelter location now is a great way to ensure a smooth transition in an emergency. Pick a location without windows and store food, water and an emergency kit there.

Practice the various different severe weather response strategies with your team so that they can respond quickly and smoothly during a true emergency situation.

Don’t let extreme weather take control! If storms strike your business, SERVPRO can help you restore your losses.

Protect These 3 Locations From Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

5/9/2023 (Permalink)

blue bucket in the middle of the living area catching water falling from the ceiling Think you may have water damage in your home? Here are some tips from SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to find the source.

One of the constant threats to homeowners is water damage. Since this type of home damage can occur in many different ways, it can sometimes feel like we are constantly working to prevent it in our homes. Unfortunately, certain water situations can often sneak up on us and cause widespread damage before it is even discovered.

Because of the sneaky nature of water, it is important to understand the parts of your home that are most vulnerable to experiencing water damage. If you are able to stop a water leak from even occurring on your San Antonio property, the better off you will be.

Check out the top three locations for water damage troubles below:

Your roof. We all rely heavily on our roofs to keep us safe and dry throughout the seasons. Any time our roofs encounter severe weather or experience general wear and tear, roof damage can occur and can introduce water into your home.

Most of us aren’t on our roofs very often, so any damage that occurs can easily go unnoticed for a long period of time until you start to see water stains on your walls.

Once the water has started dripping down your walls, chances are that it has been leaking into your home for some time. Lingering moisture behind your walls and under your floors creates the perfect environment for mold growth.

Bathrooms. Your bathrooms are also one of the most common areas to experience water damage. As water flows through your taps and down the drains, it has the potential to leak every day.

In order to catch a leak before it spreads, it is best to check your water lines and pipes often. Even a single drip or small puddle that seems out of place should be investigated.

One of the troubles with bathrooms is that they are often continually damp. Do your best to reduce lingering moisture in your bathroom to prevent water warping your floors and wood.

Being proactive and catching these issues right away can help you stop an issue in its tracks or even prevent one from occurring altogether.

Other appliances. We would bet that you use appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater every single day. These types of appliances are handy, but only when they aren’t leaking! A leaking appliance has the ability to flood entire rooms in a manner of minutes.

The best way to stop this from occurring is to maintain your appliances, clean them regularly and pull them away from the wall often to check for signs of damage.

Another reliable way to prevent this type of water damage is to replace appliances that are aging or are becoming unreliable. All it takes is one singular event to have a massive water problem on your hands. If you do suffer water damage, we can help. Call our SERVPRO of Alamo Heights team right away.

Dealing with a water emergency? Our SERVPRO specialists can be on the scene of the disaster ASAP to restore your water-damaged home!

The Highly Trained Restoration Team You Trust | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

5/4/2023 (Permalink)

group of 3 SERVPRO reps standing near a green semi truck at a work site Is your home or business in need of restoration? SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is ready to help you recover.around the clock.

When it comes to your home, every decision you make has a direct effect on your safety, security and comfort level. While some decisions might be minor, like deciding what color appliance to purchase, others are major, like choosing who to trust to restore your fire-damaged home.

Think about it—if you were to experience a house fire or a flooded basement, would you want a team that is highly trained to handle your situation? Or would you settle for a provider with fewer qualifications and less overall experience?

When you choose SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, you are in highly capable hands. We are trained in the latest, most advanced restoration techniques, and we have the certifications required to ensure that we follow all procedures safely and efficiently.

We Adhere to Industry Trainings

Our SERVPRO team follows the IICRC standards, and our professionals follow the training and guidelines laid out for cleaning and restoration. The courses we follow include, but are not limited to:

  • water damage restoration
  • fire damage restoration
  • mold remediation
  • carpet and upholstery and cleaning

We also offer Employee Certification Training to our staff to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed. This training is self-paced, allowing our employees the individual time they need to thoroughly understand the processes and procedures.

We Never Stop Learning

After employees have received and completed training as part of the onboarding process, they also have access to continuing education classes and e-learning opportunities to ensure their skills remain up-to-date at all times.

Our team is dedicated to making sure we have the tools we need to help every home and every family in the area overcome home damage—and our training is a big part of that.

Staying abreast of the latest information allows us to adjust and change our processes when needed to align with current best practices. Technology is changing and improving all the time, so we want to ensure we have the materials, expertise and equipment to help you fully recover from home damage, no matter the source or the size.

Why This Matters for You

Having a company that is fully trained and certified is such a benefit for you! We can ensure your restoration is completed thoroughly and efficiently, and we will not leave until you are 100% satisfied with the final product.

If you were to choose a company that did not have these certifications and training, you could be left with repairs that are not up to your standards, residual water issues or even a lingering odor. When you choose SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, you know you are in good hands.

When you need help recovering from a disaster, SERVPRO is here for you. Get in touch 24/7 to start your disaster recovery.

Recognizing Water Damage From Your Appliances | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

4/14/2023 (Permalink)

a blue and white hot water heater showing signs of a water leak Have water damage in your home from an appliance? SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio is always on call ready to help.

You never want to be betrayed by your home’s appliances! You use them all day to accomplish the important tasks of doing the dishes, cleaning clothes and even chilling your drink with ice. But we all know that a single malfunction or leak from your appliances can lead to widespread and frustrating water damage.

Water damage can occur anywhere in our homes, but the risk is definitely higher wherever an appliance with a water component is located.

By being proactive and looking for damage, you can identify issues as they are beginning and put a stop to it! This can save you valuable time and money during the recovery process.

Locating the Problem

Catching a problem as it is happening is the best way to prevent long-term damage. Start getting in the habit of looking for signs of water every time you pass by your appliances!

While a puddle right in front of your fridge is an obvious sign, it can be harder to spot if the leak originates under your machines. Because of that, it is important to pull your appliances away from the wall when you are doing a deep clean of your house! This allows you to clean behind them while also looking for signs of water damage. Mold and discolored walls are signs of a leak or problem spot somewhere.

Another part of your home that could cause water issues is your HVAC system! It should be serviced annually to ensure it is in good working order, and you should also give it a once-over regularly to check for moisture. Signs of moisture include water coming from your vents or a puddle anywhere near your system.

Don’t forget about one of the most important appliances in your home—your water heater! Water is constantly cycling through this appliance, so you should be checking it regularly as well for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Looking Toward the Future

Keeping a close eye on your machines is important, but so is routine maintenance! Most appliances have a maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer, so you should be keeping up with it to ensure your appliances remain in good condition.

In addition, you should be checking areas like your hoses and tubing coming from your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine on your own. These parts are vulnerable to holes, kinks, and general wear and tear. If you notice signs of deterioration, it’s time to replace them.

Replace them promptly with high-quality parts, and when it comes time to replace your appliances, don’t put it off! Older and outdated appliances tend to have a higher risk of malfunctioning or leaking.

Any type of water leak has the potential to cause a lot of damage. By taking charge and maintaining your appliances, you can significantly lower your risk of suffering home damage

Have water damage in your home from an appliance or another source? Our team is here to help, so call us day or night.